Post 16 Inter-School Project

Briarwood school is part of a formal collaboration with New Fosseway school, Claremont school and Kingsweston school. As part of this arrangement, the Post 16 leads worked together to try and find a way to support young people to prepare for the exciting but perhaps daunting transition into college and adult services. It was felt that by gathering youngsters from across the schools together we could introduce new environments, settings, peers, staff and experiences whilst providing new courses for them to enjoy and take part in.

Below is the latest video for the work we did in 2017:

Here is our presentation which celebrates the success of the programme in 2016 – the second year of this scheme running.

The first year that we ran the scheme was in 2015 and we also made a video about the experiences we had. Briarwood offered shopping and meal prep, Claremont offered music, New Fosseway provided dance and Kingsweston ran a gardening and horticulture course. For six weeks, 69 students and staff were bused across the city to different schools where they were able to try out new courses, form new relationships and begin to practice some of the important skills they will need for when they leave school and move onto college and adult settings.

The project proved to be a huge success and the attached video shows staff and students from all four schools enjoying and engaging with this important piece of work.