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Admission Statement

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All pupils at Briarwood have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) which is written following a careful assessment by a range of professionals such as educational psychologists, physiotherapists and speech and language therapists.

During this assessment, or when the EHCP is finalised, the child’s family will be encouraged to visit a number of settings that might meet their child’s needs. Sometimes families are supported on these visits by health or educational professionals who can offer advice regarding what each provision can provide.

When families visit Briarwood they will have a meeting with a Senior Manager and be given a tour of the department which their child or young person would join. Our aim is to provide as much information as possible to help the family in making a decision. If we do not believe that Briarwood can meet the needs of the child or young person we will explain why.

Following these visits the family can request a placement and it is the local authority’s role to make the initial decision whether this is suitable. Then they will send a copy of the EHCP, and any relevant professional reports, to the chosen school to request a placement.

At Briarwood we make every effort to accommodate children and young people who need our specialist provision but unfortunately we do not always have vacant places. For this reason families should try and make a choice about their placement as soon as they can.

In the 2021 -22 Academic Year, we have 160 pupil places and will increase to 168 pupil places in September 2022.

Further information about schools admissions, including appeals information, can be found on the Bristol City Council website at this address:

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