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OFSTED Report – June 2017

**The Full OFSTED Report for June 2017 (PDF, 4PP) can be viewed here: Briarwood School Ofsted Report PDF Final – June 17**

Our latest Ofsted report for 2020 can be viewed here

“This school continues to be good.”

  • ‘A leading star’ is how your leadership was described to inspectors during the inspection. This is exemplified by the high-quality care and education pupils receive at Briarwood. You have developed skilled and highly effective senior and middle leadership teams. Consequently, the capacity of the school remains strong.
  • Leaders, including governors, are highly ambitious for the school and are determined to provide the very best for the pupils it serves. You have high expectations, which are shared by your motivated and passionate staff.
  • You and your senior leaders monitor the quality of provision to ensure that teaching and learning are consistently strong. You provide effective support and guidance to staff, which you combine with carefully planned professional development. However, you do not hesitate in tackling underperformance if staff do not meet your high expectations. Consequently, the quality of teaching, learning and assessment over time is consistently good.
  • All staff know each pupil extremely well and are acutely aware of their highly complex needs. Information on what each pupil can and cannot do is used effectively to provide individualised learning activities which precisely meet their needs. The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects and learning experiences for pupils. For example, older pupils were excited about their experiences based on the topic ‘Around the world in eighty days’, tasting Chinese food and listening to Eastern music. There is a strong focus on the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics, carefully linked to developing pupils’ real-life skills. For example, younger pupils are able to demonstrate their strong progress in letter formation and being able to correctly hold their pencils and write their names. In addition, pupils are justifiably proud in being able to independently manage their intimate care.
  • Teachers are ably supported by highly skilled and motivated support staff. They are well deployed to ensure that pupils receive the care and guidance they need to support their learning and development; for example, working with pupils to practise for their forthcoming performance at a local music festival.
  • Pupils make good progress in their learning and development from often extremely low starting points. There is no discernible difference in achievement between disadvantaged pupils and others in the school across any area of learning. This is because teachers provide bespoke activities and the curriculum is highly personalised to meet the needs of each individual pupil. Total communication is pivotal and threaded throughout the curriculum. This allows pupils to successfully access their learning.
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