NPQML Projects

We have a number of teachers who are completing a Middle Leadership Qualification with the Cabot Learning Federation.

As well as receiving training in Leadership theory and strategies, those completing the qualification also undertake a project to improve learning, progress or another aspect of the school’s Improvement Plan.

The current projects being undertaken are as follows:

Attention Autism

  • Marilena is learning about implementing and assessing a new strategy for ASD children called Attention Autism. To find out more about this, see her presentation below. This plays through like a video but if you need longer to read a slide, feel free to pause as you go.

Marking, moderation and peer assessment

  • Becky is researching how to implement a new marking and moderation approach that covers the wide range of abilities and needs of the children in our school. Here is the preliminary report she has made:

ASDAN Transition Challenge

  • The title of Rosie’s project is ‘Effects and benefits of introducing an accreditation scheme to the KS4 curriculum under the remit of preparing for adulthood.’ and she is developing the Key Stage 4 curriculum to bring it in line with the ASDAN accreditation scheme that is already being used by our Post 16 department with great success. Here is her presentation – please pause if you need longer to read a slide:


  • Georgina is working towards achieving an Artsmark for the school – by achieving the Platinum level, we will demonstrate that the arts are embedded in many areas of our school life. More information can be found in this presentation, which again can be paused along the way if needed.

Improving ICT provision

  • Finally, Alistair is improving the learning, engagement and progress of children across the school by tackling four key areas:
  • iPads – each class has its own iPad but teachers need more support to use them for engaging children with their learning and not just as a reward.  This will be achieved managing the apps remotely and ensuring each class has a bespoke package of apps relevant to their curriculum, levels of ability and need.
  • Coding – Some of our higher ability children will be learning some new coding skills, which will be broken down in to the areas of Algorithms, Debugging, Sequencing, Data Storage, Networks and E-safety
  • E-Safety – Alistair will be increasing the awareness of E-Safety across the school using displays, assemblies, curriculum areas and providing information for parents.
  • “Techie Awards” – After consulting with teachers, we found that one way of reducing teacher workload and increasing the confidence of LSAs was to improve the ICT skills of the LSAs in class, so they could better support teachers and children with their learning. Alistair therefore introduced three levels of “Awards” that could be worked towards- Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once achieved, the LSAs would receive recognition for these within school as well as a certificate. To date, six LSAs have achieved their Bronze award and two have achieved their Silver.