The School Council

At Briarwood we have a school council; there is a student representative from each key stage. The school council meet each term and support the school in making decisions throughout the school year.

One of the main aims of school council is to give the students a voice within their learning. They have done some very valuable work on how we share our achievements, both within the classroom, and with parents and the wider community. The school council have worked on a project about how they share their ‘pupil voice’ within the annual review process and how this therefore affects their future learning and our next steps as a school community.

Have a look at the pictures to see some of the ideas they have come up with.

The student council also have a voice within our enrichment activities and planning for them. The pupils make decisions linking to areas across the curriculum including music, art and design, religious education and PE. Through giving the school council a voice in making choices within these areas the pupils have more ownership of their learning and engage well in a range of whole school events.

They have:

  • Chosen songs for the carol concert
  • Chosen designs for the school council logo
  • Chosen the winning design for our ‘Gromit’
  • Selected awards for sports day.

Students in the school council are encouraged to use their communication skills to help make decisions independently, supported by staff they use the methods practised in class from touch and exploration through to symbol use and verbal communication.

The council meetings follow an agenda for each meeting which is shared with each class beforehand so that all students have the opportunity to influence the decisions which affect them and their learning.